Supporting the third party is now twice as expensive: Admission to the D.C. Statehood Green Party fundraiser at Mimi’s American Bistro on Dec. 15 will cost $50—double what the cover charge was at the populist party’s last cash bash, on Sept. 27. The sharp increase, organizers say, is meant to “maximize the fundraising potential” of the event. But some party stalwarts doubt that supporters will pay the new price, even to see such scheduled attractions as a Ralph Nader speech and defeated mayoral candidate Steve Donkin singing “If I Became President.” Former Ward 6 D.C. Council candidate Jenefer Ellingston worries that the entry fee “prices the event out of the range of most of the likely guests” and could depress turnout. Party spokesperson Scott McLarty says he feels the pinch himself: “I certainly cannot afford $50 these days.” —Chris Shott