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How grossly ironic that Prince William prosecutor Ebert has “allegedly” lost his sporting taste for big game. It seems, however, that his—and others’—taste for human blood is insatiable.

People who revel in the idea of lining up suspects and shooting them scare me more than the criminals themselves.

A government that “shops” for a death sentence before even a single juror has been subject to voir dire, or before a single piece of evidence has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, scares me more than Saddam Hussein.

A sentence of death is no punishment. It is vindictiveness off the meter. And it is as vile as the crime. It has no place in an “alleged” civil society.

If proved guilty, lock ’em up. Keep ’em locked up.

Murder in the name of justice? Never. There is no such thing.

Where does the madness end?

Alexandria, Va.