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What’s Left to Say?

While Eddie Dean was busy writing his pompous and facile article ridiculing a local prosecutor of death-penalty cases (“Alleged Killer, Proven Killer,” 11/22), real people were suffering real horrors (at the hands of the kinds of savage murderers that Dean loves) all over this country. You may or may not agree with the death penalty, but Dean has contributed absolutely nothing to the debate about its merits (except for detailing some cases of depravity that ought to make any intelligent human being more, not less, sympathetic to Paul Ebert’s work).

There is a lot of garbage published daily, but I can’t recall when I’ve read such a cynical, smarmy, self-satisfied assault on decency as Dean’s piece. Not only is it completely devoid of reasoned argument or analysis, but it reeks with the grandiose self-importance that only leftist ideologues seem to muster.

Dean is an embarrassment to journalism.

New York