Right on!

Eddie Dean (“Alleged Killer, Proven Killer,” 11/22) is one badass motherfucker, takin’ on the Man like he done do!

Dean knows that the Man be devilish, and Dean’s editor knows that capitalism sucks!

That’s why he gonna blow the white cancer race mind with his provocative analogy of the sniper (who is fighting the good fight for Mao) and that awful white motherfucker prosecutor who uses the Constitution to wipe his ass—the fuckin’ crypto-fascist!

Right on, Eddie and editor! Now, you takes the money you made on this story and maybe you buy yourself a gun, Eddie, and use it to blow up some motherfucker’s punkin head.

Power to the balding, whey-faced NPR liberal people—right on!

Uh…you guys don’t take money for your ads and things, do you? I mean, that’d be hypocritical—your paper’s free, isn’t it, man?

It’s not?

It’s not?

You motherfuckers! You capitalist pig fucking motherfuckers!


Move back to Singapore, man!

Malibu, Calif.