Firefighters with Engine Company No. 20 in Tenleytown are used to doing without. Since September, they’ve been working out of a three-room trailer while their firehouse undergoes renovations. The construction-office-style trailer offers no running water, and the nearest working toilet is 60 feet away, in another building. But at least they’ve got one amenity: This week, the bare-bones space was outfitted with a 34-inch widescreen high-definition TV set and antenna, donated by Zenith Electronics Corp. and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Engine 20 Capt. William Deily calls the new TV “a major improvement.” But if the firefighters had their choice, Deily says, they would prefer to have running water. John Orlando, NAB senior vice president for external affairs, says that’s more than his group can do. “Unfortunately,” he says, “I’m not in the plumbing business.” —Chris Shott