Glenn Dixon, please do not use my name to advance your blustering art reviews (“The Light That Will Cease to Fail,” 11/29). It is obvious that I am not in Bruce Nauman’s league. However, the national and international art professionals who have recommended and promoted my art, including two monumental public artworks (Kenneth Trapp, curator in charge, Renwick Gallery; Virginia Mecklenberg, director and curator, American Museum of Art; Roger Mandle, president, Rhode Island School of Design; and Olga Viso, assistant curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, to name the most recent) make your art-world status, by comparison, completely unknown and irrelevant.

The Washington arts community is sick of your mental masturbations and misplaced anger/negativity. Do yourself and all of us a favor: Erase yourself and start over.

Logan Circle