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Patrick T. Hand did a brilliant job in describing the contrast between exciting RFK Stadium and lifeless FedEx Field (“Disastro-Turf,” 12/13). After attending the Giants game last week, I was surprised that the Washington City Paper took on the Snyder dynasty!

The home-field advantage that the Washington team had at RFK is gone, and that is one of the reasons that the team has suffered at FedEx Field. That is not just my opinion—I have heard that former kicker Mark Moseley consistently refers to the fact that RFK was better, louder, and more fun.

Banning the walk to FedEx from the Landover Mall was the final

straw for me. It took me longer to get home from the Giants game after parking close to the stadium in the Orange lot than it did two years ago when I had to walk to the Mall and leave from there.

I want all the fans who say they miss RFK Stadium to stop complaining about the Redskins leaving and support the two teams that now play there: D.C. United and the Washington Freedom. I still get a great feeling walking into RFK with my family for the soccer games, and the seats are only around 10 bucks a game! If fans would vote with their feet and leave lifeless FedEx Field and join the fun at RFK, we can accomplish two goals: save RFK and force Snyder out.

(We need to demand a nostalgic preseason game at RFK next year to show the Washington players and coaches what D.C. home-field advantage is really all about!)

Barney Circle