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Zema Williams, also known as Chief Zee, the unofficial mascot for the Washington Redskins (Cheap Seats, “Philadelphia Story,” 12/13), is an idiot on at least two counts.

First, as a grown-ass man, he’s an idiot for donning Native American headdress and other garb, showing up in public, whooping it up, and rolling around in the grass with the likes of the equally buffoonish Crazy Ray, his Dallas Cowboys counterpart.

Second, and as if to underscore his idiocy, Williams inadvisedly took his costumed self on the road to, of all places, Philadelphia’s Veterans Stadium. It is universally known that Philadelphia fans are infamous for their inhospitality, obnoxiousness, and downright hostility toward opposing teams and their fans. Keep in mind that Philadelphia fans once booed Santa Claus, cheered Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin as he lay on the field motionless with a concussion, and heaved batteries at a St. Louis Cardinals outfielder whose only sin was that he wasn’t interested in playing with the Phillies. Apparently, there’s a demonstrable need for the holding cell located within the stadium confines.

That Williams was manhandled by Eagles fans who didn’t appreciate his choice of clothing or team allegiance comes as no surprise. That Williams actually returned to the city and suffered a second ignominy confirms the essential point: He’s an idiot.

Alexandria, Va.