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Before any dog owners move into the newly renovated Summit Roosevelt, a 1920s apartment building on 16th Street NW with an indoor climbing wall and communal wine cellar, they must first shell out a nonrefundable $1,800 fee. If their dog weighs more than 35 pounds, however, they can keep the money and lose the pooch—or look elsewhere for housing. The Roosevelt joins a list of apartment houses in the District that ration canine housing by weight; the acceptable poundage varies from building to building, according to figures kept by the Washington Humane Society.

David Frei, a spokesperson for the American Kennel Club and the play-by-play announcer for the USA Network’s broadcast of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, dismisses such weight distinctions as arbitrary. Some big dogs love apartments, Frei says, whereas some little dogs go berserk when confined to so small a space. “Those decisions should be made based on the personality and temperament of each individual dog,” Frei says. ‘Til doggy justice reigns, experts say, some apartment-friendly breeds aren’t making the cut. CP

Apartment: Delta Towers, 1400 Florida Ave. NE

Weight Limit: 21 pounds

Overweight Breed: Bedlington terrier

Case for Inclusion: “They love their crates. That’s their domain.”

Apartment: Imperial House Condos, 1601 18th St. NW

Weight Limit: 24 pounds

Overweight Breed: French bulldog

Case for Inclusion: “They live well in small areas. They’re not barkers.”

Apartment: Watergate East, 2500 Virginia Ave. NW

Weight Limit: 30 pounds

Overweight Breed: Brittany spaniel

Case for Inclusion: “My two 34-pound Brittanys love apartment life. But I know some Brittanys that wouldn’t, because they’re too crazed.”

Apartment: Petworth Station, 930 Randolph St. NW

Weight Limit: 35 pounds

Overweight Breed: Glen of Imall terrier

Case for Inclusion: “They’re the nonterrier terrier. They’re less yappy than Manchester terriers.”

Apartment: Washington House, 2120 15th St. NW

Weight Limit: 50 pounds

Overweight Breed: Afghan hound

Case for Inclusion: “They’re a wonderful sofa decoration.”