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Thank you, Washington City Paper, for bringing to my attention the events surrounding the Sept. 27 Pershing Park protests. I am sick and dismayed that police and city officials acted in such a manner. There is very little of which to be proud when Americans’ First Amendment rights and civil liberties are so grossly infringed.

I have recently moved away from Northwest but could easily have been one of the innocent bystanders on my way

to work. If that had happened, I’d be damn sure to sue the pants off the city.

It sounds to me as if Chief Ramsey and city officials carried out a poorly planned, badly communicated exercise of police-state power that had little to do with protecting D.C. from potential violence and/or terrorist acts. The only threat present to domestic/internal safety was Ramsey. He’s the one who should be hogtied! I hope the appropriate people get their asses handed to them when all is said and done.

Arlington, Va.