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A friend of mine in the recording business was struck by the comments of one Lofts at Adams Morgan resident in your article (“Suite Deal,” 1/10), who claimed that she was experiencing hearing loss because of noise from the nearby clubs. My friend stated that for the music to travel out of the club, across the alley, and into the condos without dropping below 120 db (the level at which hearing loss can begin), the music would have to be at such a level that those inside the club would be feeling intense physical pain from it.

This is in fact provable, rendering the resident’s assertion utterly impossible. Either she was lying, or her hearing loss stems from another source, possibly wax buildup.

Unfortunately, complaints like this from the Lofts have been swallowed whole by the D.C. government, and a crackdown has already started on the pre-existing clubs. Such irresponsible statements serve no good purpose. If the woman who made the claim is reading this: I’d be glad to spring for some Q-tips.

Adams Morgan