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I stayed in D.C. one recent weekend with some friends and picked up two issues of the Washington City Paper. Let me say that I was amazed. After being caught in a five-minute blizzard that lasted the duration of our trip to the 7-Eleven and then learning that there were no alcoholic beverages—is it true that they stop selling alcohol in D.C. stores after 9 p.m.?—I thought that nothing could make me happy. But I read one story about the falsities of the Chinatown there and then another about one congressman and how he helped to get some people elected to a neighborhood committee and I was just drunk with jubilation. I knew that what I had in my hands was not just any community rag sheet. I was holding something special. What I was reading was what all respectable people in the capital of the greatest country on this planet should be reading, whether they are resident or president, congressman or diplomat. Anyone who has ever even thought about stepping foot here in Washington, D.C., needs to think about stepping near the Washington City Paper.

Brooklyn, N.Y.