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Teachers Pests?

Your story “Membership Has Its Privileges” (1/24) is a cross between fascinating and depressing: fascinating because of all the expensive and overpriced stuff purchased with the teachers’ membership monies; depressing—although it errs on the side of truthfulness—because it further demonstrates the incompetence of the D.C. government. First there was Resumegate. Then there was Petitiongate. And now there is Uniongate. I’m sure this current problem has raised many eyebrows and blood pressures amongst the ranks—teachers and citizens of the District of Columbia. I believe that the majority of the teachers were always concerned about the functions of the Washington Teachers’ Union, but in most cases their concerns were downplayed as trivial, and they were treated as whiners and complainers. Somehow, this membership comes with its share of penalties. Will someone please pass the green? Please?