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Having been hogtied myself after my arrest at Pershing Park for nearly eight hours with little more than 3 inches between my wrist and ankle, I can tell you that Police Chief Charles Ramsey’s claim to having treated us well is really just that—a claim. I was held from approximately 11 a.m. Friday until approximately 5 a.m. Saturday in a Metrobus, filled to capacity, lights on, running all night. No sleep. Not enough water. (When we requested more water, it was denied, because the police didn’t want to have to escort us to bathrooms.) While being processed, I missed “breakfast,” too—I had nothing to eat between approximately 4 p.m. and noontime the next day.

If Ramsey thinks it’s legal and acceptable to treat prisoners this way, maybe it’s time he read the International Convention on Human Rights again.

Capitol Hill