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Let’s say you’re a veteran kingpin progressive-trance DJ/producer with your ego firmly planted in its high-club-culture orbit. The kids at the place where you’re playing tonight are happily bouncing to your selected bpms when some young woman approaches you and asks for the B-52s. Really, you should hardly blink. After all, dance music isn’t a function of how contemporary the tunes are, but rather how timeless the beats are. Then again, the setting might be more important for Christopher Lawrence: The clean, seamless sheen on Around the World is largely sterile; its perfectly matched beats bounce from track to track with each cut handpicked by Lawrence in a sort of party-mix style. But ultimately, the tunes fail to vivify themselves, and the disc leaves you yawningly aware that unless the party’s on, your butt ain’t dancing anywhere. Of course, the party will be on for Lawrence’s current mini-tour. But if things get dull, whip out a wisecrack Happy Mondays request. Lawrence spins with Roger Samuel and PMD at 9 p.m. at Club Five, 1214-B 18th St. NW. $10. (202) 331-7123. (Mark Williams)