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The Libertarian Party of D.C. is dedicated to the proposition that government should be smaller. But if the party’s own administration doesn’t get bigger, it will have to go out of business. The treasurer of the local party—which reached its high-water mark in 2000 when it helped put a medical-marijuana initiative on the D.C. ballot—is quitting this month to move out of town. And members fear they won’t be able to elect a new one, because they’ve been struggling to muster the five-member quorum for their mandatory bimonthly meetings. If no treasurer is installed at the Feb. 17 meeting, under District law, the Libertarians will lose the power to raise and spend money. How would closing the D.C. branch hurt the national Libertarians? “Well, it wouldn’t directly affect what we do,” says national party spokesperson George Getz. “But it would be a disappointment.” —John Metcalfe