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I have never seen a more unintelligent screaming screed in the Washington City Paper than “Doggie Treats” (2/21) by Sarah Godfrey. What in the Sam Hill does the state of Colorado have to do with D.C.? As far as I know, D.C. is not contemplating allowing suits against vets. We dog owners only want to be able to enjoy our pets in parks without having to worry about police officers giving us tickets. (Although that has rarely occurred, why should we take chances?)

Contrary to Godfrey’s spew, allowing the Department of Parks and Recreation to designate off-leash areas wouldn’t take large sums of money, just a few signs, and it would just legalize what is already occurring.

I always thought that journalism was supposed to be balanced. Not in this case. I would like to give Godfrey a suggestion: Get a life.