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It certainly seems as though Sarah Godfrey is looking for a (dog)fight (“Doggie Treats,” 2/21). OK, I’ll bite.

Maybe it was just a slow news day at the Washington City Paper when her article was due, or perhaps on her way to work that morning she stepped in something unpleasant. But for some reason, Godfrey has it in for our furry friends.

Geez, lady, we just wanna let the pups run—somewhere where they can (legally) get a little exercise. I mean, where did that bit about future dog beds on Red Line cars come from?! Probably from a peek into your bitter-bitch (if you’ll excuse the expression) crystal ball—but I’m only guessing.

To hear Godfrey tell it, the root of all D.C. woes, even wilted hairdos at bus stops, can be blamed on our overpampered, spoiled pets.

Just for the record, I carry bags to clean up after my dog. But I’d be happy to share my supply with Godfrey to remove the crap she wrote about in her article.

Capitol Hill