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Call me a codger, but I remember when Mickey and Judy wanted to dress up and put on a show and everybody thought it was good clean fun. Hell, I remember the year my mama shipped my little red matador costume all the way to Camp Chimney Rock so I could tap my 6-year-old heart out at the midsummer talent show. (She shoulda known, she shoulda known.) These days, ya make a little noise about dressin’ up and doin’ a wee dance number, and people look at ya like you’re livin’ in some kinda Neverland, sleepin’ with kids and whatnot. Is it guilt? Neo- Puritanism? (Please, in the age of Elimidate and Are You Hot?) What is it that keeps the general public from finding joy in the sight of a middle-aged sissy who’s wedged his fat, hairy torso into a mermaid costume? When will our Republicanized republic be free again to acknowledge the thrill of a slender queen in an ornate headdress? The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington knows the answer, and it is: When Pigs Fly (cast is pictured). Subvert the paradigm, give in to the urge to accessorize, and cheer on the shame-free fellows in silly outfits when they present the late Howard Crabtree’s costume-centric queer musical revue, at 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28, and Saturday, March 1, at the Rosslyn Spectrum, 1611 N. Kent St., Arlington. $20. (202) 432-7328. (Trey Graham)