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Behind closed sphincters, deep in the heart of darkness, rests that well-traveled but seldom celebrated stretch of the large intestine known simply as the colon. Like everyone else, I’ve always wanted to know more about colorectal anatomy (i.e., the topography of the colon and rectum) but have been afraid to ask. Now the good folks at the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation have created the ultimate blowout in colorectal enlightenment: the Colossal Colon. Standing about 4 feet high, stretching about 40 feet in length, and modeled from the latest in colonoscopy footage, the Colossal Colon provides a shipshape vessel for colorectal exploration. Visitors to the Colossal Colon are encouraged to crawl through the mobile installation, chitchat with health-care professionals, ogle polyps, and take multiple-choice quizzes. Destined for greatness as a roadside attraction, the Colossal Colon is currently on the move. Get down on your knees and probe its mysteries from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (see City List for other dates) at Freedom Plaza, 13th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Free. (202) 828-9751. (Felix Gillette)