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I think Sarah Godfrey (“Doggie Treats,” 2/21) is missing the point: Dog parks are for people. The rally she attended may have given her the impression that folks there were speaking out for their furry friends who can’t, but the truth is that they were advocating for themselves in the same way that a biker, swimmer, bird watcher, or tennis player might.

A primary purpose of city parks is to provide us with places to recreate. Dog parks, though newfangled, certainly fulfill that mission. With some land, a good fence, and a few garbage cans, a recreational space can be created to serve many people at once. To participate you don’t need to be athletic, and people of all ages can enjoy it year-round and in any weather.

We are lucky in this city to have many wonderful parks that allow us an assortment of recreational opportunities. A dog park is just another opportunity, and the only requisite is that you like dogs. Godfrey doesn’t like dogs, but she doesn’t have to. Fortunately there are still biking, swimming, bird watching, tennis, basketball, and bench-sitting available to her.

Takoma, D.C.