In: Central Northeast

Residents Are Opposing: An alcohol permit for the local Safeway

Because: They think the store should work on its food selection and customer service before adding booze.

We Say: Paper-bag permit also under review.

In: Southwest

Residents Are Opposing: The Office of Planning’s Waterfront Plan

Because: It gets rid of Benjamin Banneker Park, which honors the city’s African-American planner

We Say: L’Enfant descendants petition to get out of Southwest, too.

In: Palisades

Residents Are Opposing: Big trucks on Foxhall Road

Because: The road vibrations are causing structural damage to nearby houses.

We Say: New route for 18-wheelers: 48th to Calvert to 49th to Garfield

In: Lamond Riggs

Residents Are Opposing: An unlit bus stop at Eastern Avenue and North Capitol

Because: They say people deal drugs there in the dark.

We Say: Adrian Fenty is outraged!

In: Takoma

Residents Are Opposing: D.C.’s property-tax map

Because: It puts the Takoma Historic District outside of Takoma and into Brightwood.

We Say: The key to controlling Takoma has always been Brightwood. —John Metcalfe