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I continue to enjoy reading many of the articles in your newspaper. Every now and then, I read a story that prompts me to write a response. Today, I read Erik Wemple’s media column titled “The Court of Public Fiction” (2/14).

As a citizen, I just cannot understand what the hell Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Horan is complaining about, or should I say whatever he is whining about? He should focus all his energy on ensuring that the evidence put on by the state is well-prepared, sound, creditable, and without any hint of constitutional violation. His job should not be providing rebuttals to perceived inflated details offered by the press, simply because it is a waste of time.

Rebuttals have no place in the press arena. Any rebuttal information should be saved and reserved for presentation before the judge presiding over the case and the jury of 12 that holds the fate of the defendants. Every time this case is excessively talked or written about makes it more difficult to select a jury panel that hasn’t heard anything about the case.

For now, Horan should not sweat the junk stuff or the sensationalistic views of the press or inquiring minds, because no matter what anyone says about the sniper case, there will always exist people out there who will always say whatever they want to anyway.