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Dancers Maré Hieronimus and Jane Jerardi (pictured) find inspiration in everything about the world around them: music, visual art, and even a wicked case of mono. “I was sick…riding the subway, and I was thinking, What will happen if I fall over? Jerardi says of the event that led her to create the solo piece Mono: singular, one. “It’s lonely—the subway is a common space, but it’s also alienating. You come in contact with people you would never see, but you never talk to them.” The places we inhabit—whether they be crowded subway trains or more abstract spaces, such as relationships—is the theme of the dancers’ collaborative multimedia show, “Underneath.” Friends since 1999, Jerardi and Hieronimus always admired each other’s work. The women began rehearsing together a year ago, Jerardi as she worked on Mono and Hieronimus as she worked on Surfacing, a journey through the deep sea. The two soon decided to present their similarly themed solo works as a show and began working on the duet Close to round out the performance. Although Close began as a studio improvisation, Jerardi says that by the time it was completed, it was a reflection of the personal relationship that the two dancers formed during the process of creating it. “It’s about two people becoming closer, both in physical proximity and metaphysical proximity,” she says. “It’s the journey of a relationship that mirrors our real-life friendship.” Hieronimus and a fully recuperated Jerardi explore space at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 22, and at 7 p.m. Sunday, March 23, at Joy of Motion Dance Center’s Jack Guidone Theater, 5207 Wisconsin Ave. NW. $15. (202) 362-3042. (Sarah Godfrey)