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Chris Cutler has played in some fairly well-known prog-rock bands. So it’s only natural to wonder why his more recent work isn’t of the bad post-fusion-extended-drum-solo-with-like-25-toms-and-six-bass-drums variety. Well, for starters, his prog-rock bands (Henry Cow, the Art Bears) weren’t that kind of prog-rock band: They made interesting music and avoided the wankiness of their contemporaries. Of late, Cutler has moved past orchestral rock and continued to expand on his early-’70s experimentation with electronically altered drums. On Solo, he replaces more conventional percussive sounds with bleeps, blurs, buzzes, and other tones that, at first listen, are hardly percussive. See if you can find the beat at 8:30 p.m. at Signal 66, 926 N St. NW, Rear. $10. (202) 842-3436. (Jacob Long)