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Maybe it’s because I am from California, and maybe it’s because Glenn Dixon is not, but I saw Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time Saturday night, and I think the film deserves a much better review than what Dixon has attempted (Short Subjects, 3/21).

Reading the review, I felt that Dixon was more interested in discussing his feeling about “sensitive New Age guys” than about the merits of the film or the art. The sort of arguments used by Dixon to pan the film were more like the garbage one hears on Rush Limbaugh radio. Case in point: the equating of Andy crushing of an iron rock and dropping the powder into the water so that he can watch the interaction to iron mining that pollutes rivers and destroys landscapes. I could hear Rush “loving that irony” all over that one.

I felt touched by Goldsworthy’s work and I enjoyed the way Thomas Riedelsheimer presented it to me. I liked the man and understood what he was doing, because I, too, like to play in the woods and watch things in nature to see what they do. Hey Dixon, get in touch with your inner child already. It’s more fun.

Cleveland Park