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In the song “Not a Virgin,” Poe tells her darling that she’s been around: down by the lake, underneath the table in her living room, and by the blue, blue moon. But she doesn’t say anything about getting kissed on the hand. The social implications of such a kiss are the subject of The Virgin Diaries, a documentary that proves chastity has different definitions for American singer-songwriters and strictly Muslim Moroccan families. The film’s subject (and the recipient of the aforementioned smooch), 28-year-old Fatiha, gets stonewalled by countless religious leaders in her quest to learn whether her virginity has been compromised. As the journey lengthens, Fatiha grows frustrated with her inability to generate dialogue; the most enlightening conversation she has is with a smitten man who wants to buy her camels. But despite struggling to find practical answers to her theological questions, Fatiha never questions her religion. She feels uplifted by Islam, wanting only to understand its strictures. The film screens with In Danku the Soup Is Sweeter at 3 p.m. at the Ripley Center, Room 3111, 1100 Jefferson Drive SW. Free. (202) 357-4600. (Josh Levin)