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Re your review of Bend It Like Beckham (Short Subjects, 3/28): Arion Berger, who are you to call soccer a boring sport? Perhaps you may find soccer boring, but to the majority of the world, and a great many of us here in the United States, it is anything but.

D.C. itself is a hotbed of soccer—come to RFK Stadium for a D.C. United match and feel the east bleachers shake from the constant drumming and jumping. Go to Summers in Arlington early on a weekend and find large crowds watching European matches, with an excitement that is palpable.

Soccer requires a bit of work to watch and doesn’t pander to Americans’ consistently short attention spans. Unlike the popular sports here, soccer provides constant action, which doesn’t get bogged down in TV timeouts, inning changes, or the innumerable other reasons American sports’ action grinds to a halt.

Say you don’t like it, but never, ever call it a boring sport.

Clinton, Md.