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I was disappointed with Glenn Dixon’s review of Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working With Time (Short Subjects, 3/21). I often agree with Dixon’s critical evaluation of artwork, but I think his exceedingly cynical view missed the point here.

Admittedly, Goldsworthy’s verbal ramblings about his “connection” to the land and water are hard to swallow, but that does not negate the beauty and intricacy of his creations. What he does often works better without explanation.

I realize these things are a matter of personal taste, but I was sorry that Dixon could not be moved by Goldsworthy’s exquisite sensibilities. The movie itself, as well, was beautifully shot and scored—a work of almost meditative tone. I would hate for viewers to miss this experience because of a review by someone with a different artistic view.

Silver Spring, Md.