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“We’re here to rally these soldiers…that are right now fighting for the freedom [of Iraqis] to know they can get up and go to Burger King or Waffle House or whatever they want to do on Saturday mornings without Saddam Hussein telling them when they can and when they can’t.” —”Turtle,” active Army member, of Warrenton

“This is just a bunch of people loving each other….It just makes you cry.” —Joe Findley, retired Navy captain, of Boston

“This war is a good war. It’s really pretty simple: Saddam Hussein is a Hitler. He’s modeled himself after Hitler. It’s sad—war sucks. War is a terrible thing. I wish nobody had to go to war. But there’s a time when you have to go to war.” —Tom Walters, Air Force Vietnam veteran, of Silver Spring

“This rally was necessary to counteract all the liberal news organizations portraying this country as being so divided on the war when, in fact, it’s not.” —Chris Mason, civilian, of Winchester

“These aren’t real bikers. I rode with the Pagans years ago, back in the ’70s.” —John Shapiro, retired Marine, staying with a

girlfriend in Arlington —John Metcalfe