In mid-April, D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams wrote a letter to Montgomery County Police Chief Charles A. Moose, requesting that the chief change the title on his proposed book from Three Weeks in October: The Manhunt for the D.C. Sniper to the less District-focused Three Weeks in October: The Manhunt for the Beltway Sniper. Meanwhile, the Montgomery County Ethics Commission was nipping at Moose’s heels, on the grounds that any book about the sniper case would mean the chief was seeking improper enrichment from his official duties.

Last week, Moose announced a new subtitle that seemed to answer both lines of criticism: How a Lifetime of Nurturing Helped Me to Deal With a Public Crisis. The implication was that Moose’s time on the job was only incidental to the truly important lessons he’d learned in his life. Nice try, but who wants to read about nurturing? Some livelier alternatives for the beleaguered chief. CP

The Moose Caboose

How a Lifetime of Collecting Toy Trains Helped Me Catch the Armed Bandits

Chocolate Moose

How a Lifetime of Indulgent Desserts—Coupled With Daily Exercise—Helped Me Stay in Shape for the Marathon Sniper Investigation

Sans Plus Tarder Moose

How My Semester Abroad at the Sorbonne Helped Prepare Me for My Rendezvous With History

My Book About Me, by Me Myself

One Bad Guy, Two Bad Guys, Young Bad Guy, Old Bad Guy

By Doctor Moose

Zeus ‘n’ Moose

How the King of the Greek Gods Helped Me Crack the Sniper Case

Footloose Moose

How—Despite the Grumbling, Finger-Wagging, and Tongue-Clucking of Town Elders—I Persevered in the Face of Adversity and Danced. Yes, Danced!