The name Norm Neverson didn’t ring any bells, but it will eventually raise a few eyebrows of citizens who are concerned about the political machines in this city. At first glance, “Vox Populi” (4/11) appeared to be overly critical of the unknown Neverson figure. However, as I continued to read the story, as well as read between the lines, it occurred to me that it’s the Neversons of this world who have nothing new to say to the citizens of the District of Columbia.

As a citizen of this city, I am tired of continual lip service, false promises, plagiarized speeches, and empty promises. This city needs candidates who are willing to step up to the plate and exhibit sincere and honest leadership. Anyone can talk a good game, but the proof is in the pudding of delivering what is being promised. If Neverson can’t get chairs to sit on, think about the other things we may not get. Anyone can get in front of the Supreme Court, have a picture taken, or rally to defend affirmative action, but what does he have to offer us?