Your cover story on D.C. Democratic State Committee Chair Norm Neverson (“Vox Populi,” 4/11) referred to a debate that took place between Neverson and me at a recent meeting of the D.C. NAACP.

I feel it is important for Washington City Paper readers to know that the D.C. NAACP—along with every other civil-rights organization that has ever taken a position—unanimously endorsed D.C. Democracy Fund’s successful campaign to make our primary “first in the nation” on Jan. 13, 2004, to draw attention to our lack of voting rights and self-government.

On another note, I must commend the City Paper for the gag “Three Floors, No Baath” in the caption to David Morton’s story about the Iraqi embassy (“The Dustbin of History,” 4/18). Nicely done! I always felt remiss for not writing following the classic petition-scandal-era headline “The Bishops Set Me Up” (8/2/02). Hope this makes up for it.

Executive Director

D.C. Democracy Fund