Your April 11 News of The Weird section summarized a misleading and unbalanced New York Daily News story that narrowly focused on one activity of our business meetings—team-building exercises. The story implied that the exercise costs, compiled over recent years, were $3.6 million, when in fact the team-building contractors were paid $73,000, or 2 percent of the business-meeting costs.

And the business meetings that focused on training, recognition, and team-building have proved to be successful. During the past six years, our office has uncovered more than $2.2 billion in potential cost savings, cost avoidances, and cost recoveries; won the most Inspector General community awards over the past two years for audit and investigative work; and grown an effective, efficient agency from one employee to 725 employees. And we are continuing to work with Congress and the Postal Service to improve whistle-blower protection for postal employees.

Media Liaison

U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General