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Two weeks ago, federal officials downgraded the national threat level from “high” to “elevated.” But one location is sticking with the Code Orange condition: the restroom inside the Capitol Hill firehouse. A sign on the locked exterior door of the station announces: “Public Restroom Closed Due to High Threat Terrorism Level.” Truck Company 7 Lt. W.W. Rabbitt says the sign was posted to deter “heavy use” of the tiny, two-hole room at 414 8th St. SE, inside the truck bay and just left of the brass sliding pole. “Somebody who comes in,” he says, “might be staking the firehouse out.” Despite the closed-toilet policy, Rabbitt admits, the crew occasionally lets in recognizable regulars. But fire-department spokesperson Alan Etter says that the restroom should have reopened to everyone when the District returned to Code Yellow. “Come in,” Etter says. “Pee all you want.” —Chris Shott