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The snide, self-congratulatory “Boom and Bust” sidebar regarding the Bella Roma restaurant in Mount Pleasant (“We Shall Not Be Moved,” 4/4) is a curious cheap shot. Clearly, the author doesn’t like the place—for its food, jukebox, and proximity to Klingle Road. Fair enough; he or she should write a review of it. One more mediocre restaurant in a city full of mediocre restaurants, however, is not newsworthy, and to single out the Bella Roma in a series on gentrification makes no sense outside of the author’s personal hostility.

The suggestion that the bar’s patrons are the “new rich” is particularly ridiculous, when they are largely the same, mostly middle-class residents who have been patronizing Mount Pleasant bars for years, the same “new rich” who can be seen at the Raven and the Marx Cafe on the same street. As a Mount Pleasant resident, I, for one, welcome any real attempt to improve the sad commercial strip that is Mount Pleasant Street, and have found the staff and clientele of the Bella Roma to be as genial as can be found anywhere in the District.

Mount Pleasant