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Re “Virginia Is for Sluggers” (5/2): The tone of this story is no doubt a reaction to some real concerns that D.C. residents have about Maryland and Virginia sucking away revenue and giving little back, but it sounds as if it had been written by a jealous older sister. It was at times offensive and catty, and at best insulting to Virginians. It also makes it seem as if Virginia were only the 10 miles where the author has traveled out of D.C. to fulfill his Ralph Lauren fix.

I enjoyed the information in the article as a baseball fan, but its constant negative tone almost made me unable to read on. It was a good indicator that I should train myself to be uninterested in the endeavor of bringing baseball to this area because of the politics and finger-pointing.

And as for bragging that D.C. pays for the paving of roads and general maintenance of the city, that is a laugh! Of course it does. And anyway, the roads here are the worst I have seen, except for upstate New Jersey (and what a great place to be that is).

Get over yourself—just because you live in the District doesn’t make you any more valid than other Americans. It’s too bad this article had to be so vicious—it could have been a good read.

Sign me: a D.C. resident for the past three years and (non-Northern) Virginian for 25 years.

Columbia Heights