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I get it. Your writer, David Morton, wants to punish Arlington by having the new baseball stadium built where people make their living exploiting D.C.

As a former D.C. resident for many years and a writer myself, I found “Virginia Is for Sluggers” (5/2) guilty of shoddy reporting and stereotyping of a group of people who are as varied in professions and national origin as those in D.C.

If your reporter had dug a little deeper, he might have discovered that a large opposition group of Arlington residents called NoArlingtonStadium.org is actively at work opposing the construction of a new stadium in Arlington County. The group, formed only six weeks ago, is a heterogeneous mixture of already more than 1,000 volunteers who don’t have a millionaire bankrolling their efforts, as does the Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority.

The article lost any credibility by not detailing Virginia’s own serious budget crisis and the large number of low-income/elderly persons who would be adversely affected by a new stadium in Arlington.

What I really resented, however, was the article’s sneering tone. It read like amateur hour in putting down a whole community just because for one reason or another its people don’t live in D.C. Some people would like to live in Washington but can’t afford to, or feel safer in Virginia—which is not a crime.

Your writer should blame the U.S. Congress for not giving D.C. voting representation, which I totally agree is an outrage. But don’t make Arlington’s residents the scapegoat for that. I’m a baseball fan, but if a baseball stadium is to be built to punish people, as your writer snidely insinuates, it doesn’t belong in Arlington or D.C.

Arlington, Va.