It is too bad that Josh Levin didn’t bother to do any serious investigation before going off half-cocked in his story on liquor licenses and voluntary agreements (“Raising the Bar,” 5/2). For example, Heart and Soul was closed after numerous violent incidents. In the last incident, the police testified, two individuals “exited the establishment and displayed handguns.” They then “fired numerous rounds into a vehicle that was parked out front of the establishment that had three passengers.” (These quotes were taken directly from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board’s findings of fact and order, which Levin apparently didn’t bother to look up.) The repeated violations of the agreement with ANC 6B provided part of the legal authority for the ABC Board to finally shut this establishment down (including the part of the agreement that stated that the establishment was required to provide security specifically to prevent these types of incidents). By the way, the ABC Board’s order was subsequently upheld by the courts.

At least you got the subhead right—bullets can get to be rather personal.

Capitol Hill