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After trying to rein in riders rushing through the stations, Metro officials are giving in to the bustling crowd. Recently, Metro outfitted 11 stations with some 330 yellow-and-black stickers called “Safety Dots,” explaining underground etiquette. Messages range from the stern “NO RUNNING IN THE STATION” to the oh-what-the-hell “DON’T BE A DOORMAT. MOVE SWIFTLY.” And as people approach escalators, some of the stickers advise them to “STAND TO THE RIGHT,” in an apparent contradiction of previous Metro policy. Last year, Metro removed metal signs offering the same advice, so as not to implicitly encourage people to pass on the left (“Stair Masters,” 5/3/02). Metro spokesperson Lisa Farbstein says ideally escalator passengers would stand still, but “popular culture is that people don’t do that. And the next safest thing to do is to get out of the way of people who are bumping into you.” —Joe Dempsey