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Re David Morton’s “Virginia Is for Sluggers” (5/2): The center-field scenery/backdrop issue is moot. Your idea of statuary outside Arlington’s new baseball complex is bold, but it has to carry forth to the interior of the structure as well, and maybe, just maybe, the U.S. Park Service could be called upon to administer the new memorials inside, saving upkeep money and possibly creating a tourist trail during off-seasons.

A good friend of mine who is the son of a famous Red Sox Hall of Fame infielder and is himself a former marketing director for the Minnesota Twins (the morph of Senators v.1), told me that the real reason the Senators failed twice here is because they lost the “glamour” niche in attendance (witness the stars who still flock to Dodgers Stadium even though that club has finished 60th for the past 10 years). The Senators lost the glamour niche because all of those Mrs. Big Shot senator/representative/cabinet member spouses bid Mr. Big Shot to stay at home, because the spouses did not want (a) their mascara running and (b) pit stains on account of D.C.’s infernal 94-degree, 84-percent-humidity nights. This is not Baltimore, with a nice bay breeze coming in from right center. The unwashed busing in from Poolesville and Ashburn will want to see some D.C. haircuts and suits limelight at the park as well.

To all the groups vying for baseball here: Build a climate-controlled dome or they will not come! You will never have a rain/snow-out and you can give the MCI Center a run for major off-season shows. Besides, who wants to see jets landing at Reagan out beyond center field?

Rockville, Md.