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Clock movies are practically can’t-miss. Tying the plot closely to a ticking second hand is a sure way to add urgency, even when your lead actor is, say, Kevin Costner preening in Navy whites in No Way Out. That 1987 hit was actually a remake of the 1948 noir classic The Big Clock. And there really is a very big clock in The Big Clock, in which Ray Milland hides to escape Charles Laughton. (But then, who wouldn’t?) Interestingly, two pairs of married couples worked on The Big Clock: star Laughton and Elsa Lanchester, as well as Maureen O’Sullivan and director John Farrow. Yes, he is father to Mia and was thus briefly Frank Sinatra’s father-in-law, which would make for another interesting film—and one that would not require a tick-tock device for dramatics. As for The Big Clock, it concerns a man (Milland) investigating the very crime he has been framed for committing. Time’s a-wasting! Go see it at 8 p.m. at the American City Diner and Cinema Cafe, 5532 Connecticut Ave. NW. Free. (202) 244-1949. (Dave Nuttycombe)