Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Horton Foote’s family has everything your family has. In Valentine’s Day, one of nine plays chronicling a small-town group of family and friends, Foote takes us to tiny Harrison, Texas, circa 1917. He introduces us to Elizabeth and Horace (characters based on his own parents), who are the embodiment of young married love. Surrounding them are disapproving parents, a crazy cousin, a drunken neighbor, and a reprobate brother. There’s also the crooning spinster neighbor and, of course, the whole passel who moved to Houston a while back but whose exploits can still send ripples all the way back to Harrison. Foote’s strength isn’t in dramatic plot twists or raucous humor, but in establishing a sense of time and place, quietly showing how a couple’s love and courage can ennoble everyone they come in contact with. Quotidian Theatre Company presents the show tonight at 8 p.m. (see City List for other dates) at the Writer’s Center, 4508 Walsh St., Bethesda. $15. (301) 816-1023. (Janet Hopf)