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What’s “trying to be white” gotta do with it?

While I applaud Jennene Biggins and the other ladies in “Chunky but Funky” (5/23) for being comfortable “living large,” why must black women who aren’t hippy with large derrières be accused of trying to be white? Why can’t big beautiful women just bask in their voluptuousness and leave their thinner counterparts out of the equation? Seems to me there may be some underlying jealousies at issue here—although they claim to be happy.

One of the many sentences that really pissed me off was “Round faces and bellies are characteristics of those who are cared-for and loved.” You can’t be serious! I’m 46 years old, 5-foot-8, size 2 or 4, and a mother/grandmother. I love burgers, steaks, and fries. I am not anorexic or bulimic! And I was not, contrary to some opinions, raised in an affluent neighborhood. Are you telling me I wasn’t cared-for and loved? I find it inappropriate to insinuate that the only way we know to show love is through food.

I am sick and tired of a person’s right to choose being labeled as selling out. If you speak well, you’re trying to be white; if you’re a size 2 to 6, you’re trying to be white; and the most recent: if your name has less than four syllables, you’re trying to be white (and you had no choice in this matter!). Who comes up with this crap?

Look, if you’re happy with your physical appearance, I’m happy for you. Just leave the waist size of the thinner sistas out of it.

Capitol Hill