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I was disgusted to read “Chunky but Funky” (5/23). As stated in the article, 68 percent of black women are overweight, and the author took aim to glamorize this problem. She obviously has no mirrors in her home to view the real problem. To suggest that being skinny is for white people only is absolutely insane.

My wonderful wife is a beautiful black woman who is a size 2 and looks great in a pair of shorts on a hot summer day. According to Sarah Godfrey, she should conjure bad images for African-Americans—slaves and the like. What antidepressant was Godfrey taking when she wrote this article? I pray for the day when Godfrey passes my wife at Eastern Market and sees the praise she gets for her long thin ebony legs vs. the jeers for Godfrey’s can’t-see-space-between-the-knees legs.

Let’s get real: Fat is out—so stop trying to glamorize this with your negative feelings toward thin women. African-American people blame white people for everything gone wrong in their lives, and now you’re blaming them for being overweight. That really takes the cake—and I’m sure you’d like to eat every morsel to keep your full-size figure so people won’t think you’re being white. Speaking of which, when was the last time a white person put a gun to

your head and said eat and get fat so you and all blacks can die of heart-related diseases?

“Lame With Shame” should have been the title of your article. Shame on you for degrading our people.

Capitol Hill