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I cheered the home run David Morton hit with “Virginia Is for Sluggers” (5/2).

Yet another privately owned but publicly financed stadium and sports franchise located in the middle of the District of Columbia is just not sustainable.

“Mayor for Life Version 2.0″ Anthony A. Williams seems to have his baseball cap on too tight. How can the city continue to bank on its fiscal and cultural future on Northwest/ NoMA/”Dupont East”-dwelling, (what was) new-economy-employed, only-here-for-an-average-four-to-eight-years carpetbaggers with disposable income to afford $40-and-up nosebleed seats?

Where are all the future District families (i.e., adults and children) supposed to live in a city that is encouraging the development only of one-bedroom “luxury” condominiums starting, on average, in the low 50s? On top of that, where are all the clean, safe, available-for-use ballparks for families in the city to encourage the learning and appreciation of our much ballyhooed national pastime?

If baseball is to survive its being just a novelty act, the national pastime in our nation’s capital needs patrons and fans who can afford to live and stay in our city.

A sustainable baseball team and stadium in D.C. require a sustainable population and sustainable affordable housing for families first!

North Cleveland Park