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There is a goddamn typo in the very first sentence of the prologue to Joe Queenan’s True Believers: The Tragic Inner Life of Sports Fans. I can only assume that the copy editor was too enervated after running the gantlet of the first word, “Labécède,” to catch “twelth.” It’s not that I’m trying to find fault with Queenan. Hell, he’s one of our nation’s funniest writers, and I truly enjoyed Balsamic Dreams, a vitriolic, shooting-sea-bass-in-a-barrel diatribe against baby boomers. And this time around, I agree with him that sports fans are overly emotional and take things way too seriously. Except me. I don’t care that he’s from Philly, where fans wear bad behavior like a badge of honor. I’m not mad that he pledges never to see my beloved Memphis Grizzlies in person. Not at all. And it’s not a big deal that he refers to your Wizards as “cataleptic.” I don’t know what that means, either, but at least it’s spelled correctly. Queenan reads at 7 p.m. at Olsson’s Books & Records, 1200 F St. NW. Free. (202) 347-3686. (David Dunlap Jr.)