OK, sure: A Christine-free Fleetwood Mac will make a gazillion dollars this summer, touring a not-half-bad comeback disc and wowing wine-swilling Gold Circle types in major markets everywhere. But in the reunion tour of my dreams, guitar-noise maestro Glenn Branca gets the band back together, dude, and takes his din-loving ensemble out on the road. And since we’re dreaming here, let’s say Thurston Moore’s not too busy to come along and Branca has the good judgment to sign Ex Models as his opening act. And why wouldn’t he? After all, the Brooklyn-based quartet interprets Branca’s brand of No Wave stomp ‘n’ skronk with the kind of mimetic devotion one usually associates with hair-metal tribute bands. As with most such acts, it would be utterly beside the point to spend much time actually listening to Ex Models’ recorded output. True, the band’s second long-player, Zoo Psychology, divides deceptively into 15 bracing songs with randomized titles such as “The Mystery of Brine,” “Hey Boner,” and “The Password Is Pelican.” But the disc is really a Branca-esque symphony, heavy on lurching metal machine music and light—exceedingly light—on, y’know, catchy parts. That’s not a complaint, really; it’s just that this sort of noise-as-music-as-theater—call it “Freakout in Screech Minor”—has a natural habitat, and that’s the concert hall. The same could be said, of course, of most of Lindsey Buckingham’s songs on Tusk. So who knows? Maybe if Ex Models and the Mac find themselves playing in the same city on the same night, Buckingham will saunter over post-encore to put in an appearance with the youngsters. Come to think of it, that might not be such a bad thing: I’d love to hear ’em tear into “Go Your Own Way.”—Shannon Zimmerman