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¿Qué pasa?

In a recent edition (Loose Lips, 6/6), you stated, “Rosario Gutiérrez resigned as OLA director last September.” Perhaps you could add that during my tenure as director of the Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs, OLA had many accomplishments because of the wonderful work of many talented employees who understood the critical delivery of OLA’s mission and the city government protocol. And also because of the role of the volunteers of the Latino Development Commission, sharing with the Latino community their time and talent.

Working at OLA was a great experience, even with the fact that three employees complained (with unsubstantiated reason or not) about me because they did not like to be asked about reports, accomplishments, or deadlines. In my career, I have followed the business procedures and protocol to plan and accomplish goals. At OLA, my work was dedicated to the Latino community, for which I wanted to deliver the excellence of the government services that we as Latinos and residents of the District of Columbia deserve.

During the almost 15 years since I immigrated to the United States, I have worked for what I believe in—to serve and to improve the status of the people living in our community—and I will continue to do so.


Rosario Gutiérrez