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Police Sgt. Michael Vincent was on a roll at a June 18 community meeting in Foggy Bottom, titillating the approximately 50 people present by calling a carjacking “a little like Anacostia” and recounting the exploits of a laundry-bag-toting thief of cigarette cartons (“the most dangerous, because he’s an amateur”). However, when Vincent described a June 15 robbery at a Cosí Restaurant in which a gunman “told a lady and a man to drop their pants,” a man in the audience called him on excessive detail: Vincent had named the depanted victims. “I’m not going to call you stupid,” Vincent responded. “These reports are public.” Actually, says police spokesperson Joe Gentile, a general police order mandates that “[y]ou don’t give out the names of witnesses.” Vincent defended himself at the meeting. “My role is to keep you aware, keep you awake, keep you interested,” he said. “And I hope I do that.” —John Metcalfe